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Electrical Safety Tips

Having incorrectly installed or very old electrical wiring can be extremely dangerous! Unsafe wiring can cause dangerous, expensive, and life-threatening problems such as faults, house fires, and electric shock/electrocution. Wiring that is incorrectly installed can also cause damage to electrical appliances, which in turn leads to costly repairs.

Many homeowners have incorrectly installed, outdated, or faulty electrical wiring and don’t even know it. After all, your wiring is hidden in your home, out of sight, and you have no way of reliably checking up on its condition without consulting a professional.

It is all too easy to miss the signs of faulty wiring until something dangerous – or devastating – happens.

What To Look Out For:

Learn how to spot the most common signs of faulty wiring. If you are experiencing any of the following faulty wiring indicators, contact Right Connection Electrical right away, before the problem causes damage:

  • Flickering overhead lights
  • Fuses that blow out often
  • Outlets that no longer work
  • Differences in light intensity: some bulbs burn bright, while others burn dimly
  • Getting shocked when touching a light switch or putting a plug in an outlet
  • Light switches that buzz when lights are turned on ? this means your switch is arcing, which can potentially cause a fire, and needs to be addressed immediately

Safety Resources has a great list of signs and indicators of faulty wiring. However, don’t assume the burden of understanding your home’s complex wiring system yourself.

Work with an Electrical Contractor you trust, such as the Right Connection Electrical, to get a professional opinion on your home’s wiring and its safety, as well as a diagnosis of any problems that need fixing.

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Tripping Circuit?

If you have a Safety Switch/RCD tripping, click the link below to access our FREE Fault Finding Guide!

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